Will your staff and volunteers be Safe Sanctuaries certified?

The Wilderness Camping and Retreat Association, its Board, and Wilderness Camping and Retreat Center are not affiliated with The United Methodist Church. Therefore, it is not required for our staff and volunteers to be Safe Sanctuaries certified. However, all of our staff and volunteers undergo our safety procedures. Everyone is required to undergo an extensive background check (this is done when they register online as a staff member or as a volunteer). All staff undergo our safety training in regard to children, youth, and vulnerable adults at the beginning of employment. All volunteers are trained the day before campers arrived by a representative of the State of Missouri Children's Division.

Is your facility accredited by the American Camping Association (ACA)?

We have not been denied accreditation. Our facility opened in December 2015, and a facility must be open at least a year before it can complete the accreditation process. Our site director and several members have completed the accreditation process with ACA in the past for this facility and are confident it will be accredited when the time comes. Until then, all of our policies and procedures will follow ACA standards.

Do you have a religious affiliation?

The facility was formerly owned and operated by the Missouri Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. Apportionments from the local churches and the conference supported camping and retreat ministries at its properties. 

We are not affiliated with The United Methodist Church, thus we do not receive apportionments from the local churches or the conference.

However, our religious summer camps are led by United Methodist clergy and laity and will have Wesleyan curriculum. Many individuals currently serving on the WCRA Board are United Methodist clergy and laity as well.

Any group and person, no matter the religious affiliation, is welcomed at Wilderness.

Do you have a voucher system?

We do! Many United Methodist churches in Missouri are already using them. To find out if your church already has a voucher system in place, contact your church office. They should be able to direct you to the person in charge. If your church does not have a voucher system yet, we can set one up with the person in charge of children/students or someone in the office. Your church will know the best person for this role. They will contact site director Bo Tucker to set this up.

Do you provide scholarships?

First, check with your local church. This is part of the voucher system that may already be in place. Secondly, contact site director Bo Tucker.

Why am I being told my web browser is out-of-date when I try to register for camp?

Unfortunately, CampDoc (our registration system) is not compatible with older web browsers. They support the current and previous major release of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Click HERE for more info.